Neal, Dodson, & Davis Family Pictures

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Please leave another one. I didn’t realize that the Spam filter (which I cannot turn off) might pick them up and discard them after a month. So, if you honestly left your email or mailing address because these people are your family, I’m sorry that you did not receive a reply from us. I’m more vigilant about checking for Spam comments now.

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Welcome To This Blog

My in-laws passed away a few years ago leaving us with pictures owned by an aunt. This aunt had no children but was married several times. She left pictures of herself, friends and what we believe to be three of her husbands whose last names were Neal, Dodson and Davis.

Of these we know that Del Davis was a twin and had several children with a previous wife, some of whom we have pictures of. If you recognize any of the pictures posted here (please check back–more will be added), please leave a comment with your name, address, phone number and the name of our aunt which has been edited out of the pictures. Comment moderation has been enabled and NO COMMENTS will EVER appear on this blog! The comments are strictly for the author to see.

We really want to locate the people and relatives who are in these pictures and have run out of other avenues to do so.

So, if you have family names of Neal, Dodson or Davis in your heritage, please look at the photos and book mark this page to come back to.


The Authors

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Man In A Suit

man in a suit

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Del Davis and a little boy–or two

I have no idea who this little boy is. It might be David Patterson or it might be another grandson. From his obituary, we know Del had 12 grandchildren. No mention is made of great-grandchildren but I assume there are not only great-grandchildren but also great-great-grandchildren by now.

There is also this picture but I don’t know if this is the same boy as the one above or a different boy:

If you know or think you know any of the people in these pictures, please leave a comment. We are looking for Delmer Davis’ family to return pictures and other memoriabilia to them.

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Davis Family in Glouster, Massachusetts

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Del Davis part 4

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